Advance Day Trading Signals Software for NSE, MCX and FOREX

The “Advance Day trading Signal” Software is designed based on the time tested Technical analysis techniques that evaluate historical data of the underlying stocks, any indices or any symbol on which it is loaded.

It generates precise trading signals in advance before the start of trends and places stoploss line when the strength of the trends weakening. This unique feature of the system guide the traders to protect their profits at every crucial levels.


The software analyses each and every candle of the symbol in the given time frame and bunches the candles into three basic groups.

1) Bullish Group of Candles (Candle marked with Aqua Colour Arrow at the Price High of the candle)

2) Bearish Group of Candles (Candle marked with Magenta colour Arrow at the Price Low of the candle)

3) Floating Group of Candles. (Candle having no arrow either on top or bottom)

As the indicator start bunching the candles into groups, a line will gets drawn, if the candles falls into Bearish Group the colour of line will be Blue or Group of candles is Bullish then the colour of line will be Yellow.

Traders can take SHORT when Blue colour line appears or LONG when Yellow colour line appears..The floating Group of candles helps the traders to exit their current position.

These unique features of the “Day Trading Signal” software ensures Profits during Trending & Range bound Market conditions..

Trading Rules for ‘Advance Day Trading Signal” Software:

System consists of the followings;

1) Trend line indicator Blue/Yellow colours.

2) Trend arrows Aqua/Magenta Colours.

3) Stoploss Level line (dotted line Red colour).


1) Trend line indicator Blue/Yellow colours: It indicates the future direction of the trend, when indicator line turns Yellow the future trend will be Bullish, whereas if indicator line turns Blue the future direction will be Bearish

2) Trend arrows Aqua/Magenta Colour: Every candle is examined and grouped under Bullish, Bearish, and Floating Group of Candles.

The Candles carrying Aqua colour arrows are of the Bullish group candles, and The Candles carrying Blue arrows are of Bearish group, whereas the candle with no arrows are treated as Floating group candle.

The purpose of these arrows is to indicate the strength of the underlying trend. As long as the strength of the trend is intact the arrows appears on the each candle and as the strength of the trend weakens significantly the arrows disappears from the candle alerting the traders that the underlying trend is over and the market is under direction less movement. Hence we group the candles with no arrows in Floating group.

3) The Stoploss Level Line (dotted line Red colour): When the market enters in the Direction less movement (Floating) the price will break Trend line indicator Blue/Yellow colours or keep floating around it.

During this condition Red Colour Dotted line appears as stoploss level to indicate how much floating is allowed for underlying trend. The underlying trend may bounce back from the stoploss line or break the stoploss line and direction reversal may take.

Trading Rules:

1) When the future trend is Bullish an Aqua colour arrow on the top of the candle and Yellow colour trend line below the candle appears, it is an entry point for the Buy (Long) position. Traders should initiate the Long trade immediately.—- BUY (LONG)

2) The Buy(LONG) position should be held till the price breaches the Yellow colour trend line and Stoploss line or the candle with no arrow is spotted. Half of the position held should be squared off at this level—-SQUARE OFF HALF OF BUY (LONG) POSITION.

3) The balance position should be held till the Yellow colour line turns into Blue colour or Magenta colour arrow is spotted at the lower end of the candle, this condition is trend reversal.SQUARE OFF BALANCE BUY (LONG) POSITION & INITIATE SELL (SHORT) POSITION.

4) Similarly hold the short (sell) position till price breaches the Blue colour trend line and Stoploss line or the candle with no arrow is spotted. Half of the position held should be squared off at this level SQUARE OFF HALF OF SELL (SHORT) POSITION.

5) The balance position should be held till the Blue line turns into Yellow or Aqua colour arrow is spotted at the top of the candle, this condition is again trend reversal. SQUARE OFF BALANCE SELL (SHORT) POSITION & INITIATE BUY (LONG) POSITION.

The back tested results are 90-95 percent profitable trades with large profits and 5-10 percent loss trades with marginal loses/cost-to-cost traders.

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At the base I am an engineer in aeronautics and I entered the world of trading 15 years ago. Since 10 years I develop strategies and the corresponding trading robots.

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